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Home Sustainability


11 Ways to Reduce Your Impact on the Environment… TODAY

  • Use reusable shopping bags for groceries
  •  Bring your own mug when indulging in a coffee drink — and skip the lid and the straw.
  •  Bring drinking water from home in glass water bottles instead of buying bottled water
  •  Store foods in glass containers or Mason jars rather than plastic containers and plastic freezer bags
  • Take your own leftovers container to restaurants
  • Avoid disposable utensils
  • Avoid processed foods (which are typically sold with plastic wrapping or plastic-lined paper boxes).
  • Buy fresh produce instead, and use reusable vegetable bags brought from home rather than plastic bags
  • Request no plastic wrap on your newspaper and dry cleaning
  • Shop at second hand stores and consignment shops
  • Opt for non-disposable razors, washable feminine hygiene products, cloth diapers, handkerchiefs instead of paper tissues and rags in lieu of paper towels (old shirts and socks can be repurposed as cleaning rags)
  • Buy infant toys made of wood or (untreated) fabric rather than plastic