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  • Recycling in the Village of Warwick is managed and serviced through the Town of Warwick. Recycling information and schedule can be found here. In addition to the Town recycling center, Orange County maintains a recycling center as well.

  • You can recycle your usable goods at many locations. Check this recycling database for more information here

  • Spring trash pickup and brush disposal is organized by the Village during the later parts of April and beginning of May. View the latest information from the Village DPW.

  • The Village issues Brush Disposal permits. Information on how to obtain a permit can be found here.

  • The Orange County Landfill accepts household waste, metal, wood, and other junk, as well as electronic components. For more information visit the Orange County web site



The Village is defined by its remarkable Historic District and vibrant business center. The walkable proximity to neighborhoods, parks, downtown and social events offer an experience that can only be found in Village life.