An Important Message COVID-19 Update December 11, 2021

Dear Residents, Friends and Neighbors,

New York State Governor has announced a mask mandate which requires masks are to be worn by all people over the age of 2 who can medically tolerate them in all indoor public spaces unless businesses or venues implement a proof of vaccine requirement. This is a major action to address the Winter Surge of COVID-19 and the Delta and Omicron variants spread more widely.

The Village of Warwick has been a part of a County program that collects wastewater samples entering our treatment plant since early September and have them analyzed for the SARS-Co-2 virus. Sewage COVID-19 surveillance can be a leading indicator of changes in a community. Early detection and notification even prior to symptoms develop provide us with the opportunity to prevent further spread of COVID-19. Substantial increases in disease transmission become apparent approx. 1- 1 1/2 weeks after correlating wastewater testing.

Based on current information there has been an increased presence of SARS-CoV-2 metrics in the month of December in our waste water testing Beyond the Statewide mask mandate and due to the high transmission rate in Orange County The following public health measures are Strongly Recommended by the Orange County Department of Health and the Village of Warwick at this time.

-Universal masking for all persons over the age of 2 who are medically able to tolerate it. Regardless of vaccination status.

Vaccination of all those eligible as soon as possible

-Limitation of mass indoor gatherings

-Evaluation of capacity for in person social events, with recommendation of mask wearing and social distancing

We will be contacting local businesses, congregate setting, schools, nursing homes, group homes, places of worship.

We will continue to work with Orange County DOH and the NYS CDC and keep you informed of any changes. For now the best preventative measures we can all take is to follow the above recommendations.

I recognize that this comes at the height of the Holiday Season but the only way to prevent the spread is to be responsible to our families, our neighbors and ourselves – as a community we have done this together, that vigilance makes us Warwick Strong.


Thank you,

Mayor Michael Newhard