FROM THE MAYOR’S OFFICE: A Season of Miracles and Some

Newhard's Window / Painting by Judy Pederson

In the swirl of December, the holiday season is upon us! This past Sunday, our Mexican families celebrated the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. In the coming days, we will celebrate Hanukkah beginning Thursday, December 10th, and our Christian families are celebrating the days of advent and Christmas on December 25th. This is a season of miracles, whether it’s to honor a visitation from the Virgin Mary to a peasant, the ability to create light from only a drop of oil and to sanctify a Temple or the birth of a savior, they are all symbols of promise and hope.

This is a many-layered experience and as we mature as a culture, we have become so aware of our diversity and shared joy. The joy is about history, traditions, and the things that make us unique – individually and as communities. It is an important time, sometimes called the watershed moment when there is an epiphany that is connected to our human experience. Maybe it’s this time, while a pandemic continues its national and global damage, that we recognize the importance of the things we share – our striking commonality, our vulnerability, and in the end our strength

It is the recognition of what is valuable and important in our lives. It starts with a helping hand, an encouraging word, a kind act. There is no scorecard to tally, no checklist, only the result of humility, a bit of bravery, and kindness. I see this in the people of our Valley and in essence, this is the foundation that makes Warwick a remarkable place. The past year has shown us our resilience, empathy, and ability to work together to contend with a real threat. As I reflect on this, I have a deeper understanding why I call this place home.

On behalf of the Village Board of Trustees, Office Staff, and Department of Public Works we wish our Jewish friends and neighbors a blessed and happy Hanukkah.