FROM THE MAYOR’S OFFICE – Presidential Sweet!

Presidents weekend is upon us – a moment we celebrate the lives and legacy of America’s top leadership. The holiday began as a celebration of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln but over time, since it was consolidated as a Monday or three-day weekend, it’s taken on greater meaning and encompasses all presidents.

So, if you are a fan of Millard Filmore this is your moment to get out the fireworks!! I’m still old school and like the Washington/Lincoln tribute. Two of our greatest leaders whose leadership embodied the vision of the United States of America. Such different men with obvious different challenges. Washington led the birth of a new country in a new world – a democracy that broke away from monarchies of Europe, that created a Constitution and Bill of Rights that all men are created equal. Lincoln protected that right and led our country to abolish slavery and to reunite a divided America.

The greatness of America has been through remarkable leadership. Lincoln and Washington are clear models and formed the foundation of our democracy. For all the fanfare, often chaos and crisis, let’s never forget these men of vision and the gifts that they’ve given us.