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Village of Warwick Elections – Running for Office

Please note, although the Village Clerk is the Chief Election Officer, it is NOT the Clerk’s responsibility to answer questions from, or give advice to, individuals running for office.

Individuals/Candidates should consult their own attorney & visit the NYS Board of Elections website.

Independent Nominating Petitions, and other required filing documents, are available by following the links below or at the Village of Warwick Clerk’s Office, located at 77 Main Street, Warwick, NY. These forms are also available on the NYS Board of Elections & Orange County Board of Elections websites.

Independent Nominating Petition

Cover Page:

Phoenix Graphics Petition Symbols / Independent Nominating Petition:

Certificate of Acceptance:

Certificate of Declination:

Filing Campaign Receipts:


  • An independent nominating petition may be signed by Village Residents, who are registered to vote provided that the signer has not signed a petition for anyone else running for that particular office. The signer may not sign any more petitions designating a greater number of candidates for public office or party position than the number of persons to be elected at that election.
  • Candidates must choose a name and emblem for the independent body making the nomination or circulating the designating petition. CANNOT Use:
    • Any existing party name
    • American, United States, New York State, Empire State, the Flag, a Portrait, Currency
    • Cannot create confusion with other names or symbols
  • The first to file may use the selected name and emblem. Exception: Established Independent Body and would cause confusion among voters.
  • If you are not using an emblem found in Phoenix Graphics symbol booklet, you must e-mail the Clerk’s Office a jpeg of the symbol.
  • In villages with populations of 5,000 or more, at least 100 registered voters must sign the independent nominating petition.
  • All filings should be submitted to the Village of Warwick, Clerk’s Office, 77 Main Street, P.O. Box 369, Warwick NY 10990