From the Mayor’s Office: The Wolf Moon

From the Mayor’s Office

January 9, 2023

The Wolf Moon

The full moon we experienced this past Friday is called the Wolf Moon. Its meaning comes from wolves being active in the Winter and when they are hungry howl – usually at night. The closest I’ve come to encountering this phenomena is with coyotes that roam our valley and that as a group send off a chilling howl. Thus, the adage, “Howling at the moon” The Wolf Moon rising was a phenomenal event, an orange orb seen through the delicate pattern of trees branches climbing to the night sky in wintery brilliance.

So far, we’ve had a mild winter but as we know it’s still very early in the season. I’m still shocked at the recent mild days and now wait for the other shoe to drop. Experience has told us not to get too ahead of ourselves. What I appreciate at this time of year is the connectivity to nature and to light. The solstice occurred December twenty first and that is the moment that light starts its valiant effort to diminish darkness. Every day we can count a fraction of time adding to the light column. It’s those changes that make Winter a bit more bearable – that and a hearty meal shared with family and friends or a walk downtown, finding a quiet corner in one of our cafes to lose yourself for a minute or an hour.

The natural world of our Valley feels closer at Winter time. Maybe it’s fresh tracks in the snow, the lingering reminder that we share our backyards with a lot of travelers or some that make it their home. I’m always amazed at the Winter landscape. You really get to see the lay of the land and can imagine the primeval earth that moved and formed the landscape we often take for granted. Suddenly we realize why “Ridge” road has been given that name. It’s the exposure of the land highlighted by some new fallen snow we see the greater design and how it connects to us.

Some Winter thoughts as I mull over seed catalogs that fill my imagination and make me long for a season still far away. In the meantime, the activities of our Village never stop and its reassuring that even on the coldest and most desolate day that there are those signs of life and human warmth that can be found throughout our remarkable valley.