2022 NY Forward Application

A Message From The Mayor

The Village is in the throes of a grant application for downtown revitalization. The program is called NY Forward and is connected to the DRI, Downtown Revitalization Initiative, offered by the NY Department of State. The NY Forward Program, which is in its first year, focuses on smaller, rural, historic, and walkable communities. The award is 5 million dollars as opposed to the 10 million prize for the DRI. This award is given regionally (we are the Mid – Hudson) and can be divided between two communities.

Many may say our vibrant downtown is fine the way it is and, on the surface, may be but we are dealing with the post-COVID economy and the pressures of being a popular destination. The grant comes at a good time. We have been doing community outreach and visioning for over a year and a half for the rewriting of our Comprehensive Master Plan. That information is at the heart of our grant application – the direct response and ideas that have come from the community.  Done well and carefully this grant could be transformational and position us in the best way for the future.

Read the full application HERE.

NY Forward Target Sites Flyover

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