The Mayor’s Message at the Old School Baptist Meeting House Outdoor Christmas Eve Celebration

Tonight, I want to speak to you simply about this tradition, meeting together, friends, family, community to raise our voices in song. Music is a thing that connects us in many ways – we hum, we drum, we sing when no one’s listening. It is a way we can communicate to ourselves and to each other. It most importantly breaks down barriers and isolation.

The past two years have challenged us and for that we are of course stronger, but we are also frustrated that the adversity that affects us globally and locally will not release its grip

In the face of those shifting sands, what do we do? How do we cope?

What we are doing this evening is the thing we need to do most and that is to break the silence of the night with the voice of hope with age old songs that come from our hearts, that embrace us, protect us.

It is the power of song and the desire to share and to be with one another. For this moment we are allowed to forget our worries and to be lulled by joyous gratitude, to be present in the words of scripture that speak of miracles and angels, shepherds, and the birth of a king.

Let us love and be loved and let the harshness of daily life be softened, conquered by our faith. When all is done let us leave here tonight to the warmth of loved ones and our families and most importantly the memory of this special evening and this tradition that we hold close, in this beautiful place, this enchanted Valley we call our home.

On behalf of the Village Board of Trustees I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!