FROM THE MAYOR’S OFFICE: Shot Two and Much to Be Grateful For

I am glad to report I have joined the almost 25% of New Yorkers who received their full vaccination. I received the first shot of the Moderna vaccine a month ago and the second yesterday. Besides a sore arm and a listless night’s sleep, no side effects. In two weeks the antibodies will build up in my body to give the resistance needed to fight the virus. Exhale!

I often mention the unusual names of seasonal full moons. The March moon which is considered a super moon due to its proximity to the earth is called the Worm Moon, as Native Americans recognized earthworms popping up from the warmed soil, it is also called the full Crow Moon by other Tribes to describe the noisy revelers of spring, the Crust Moon to signify the last bit of snow or the Sugar or Sap Moon as tree sap is running.

An older name for the first full moon after the Vernal Equinox is the Pesach Moon, Pesach means Passover in Hebrew. This year Passover begins this evening Saturday, March 27th and ends Sunday, April 4th. This is one of the most sacred periods in the Jewish calendar and honors the liberation of the Jewish tribes from Egypt, the Exodus. Passover is celebrated with traditional Seder dinners throughout the week.

This is also the time of Lent in the Christian calendar which culminates in the next days with Good Friday. Each day leading to Good Friday and the preceding Saturday are holy days as well and leading to Easter, Sunday April 4th. These days represent the passion and death of Jesus Christ, and Easter his return from the dead. Easter is revered as one of the most important and spiritual days by Christians  – it is a moment that recognizes rebirth in the rich earthly presence of spring.

There is so much to learn from the stories and traditions that surround each faith. There are universal messages to be learned – protection, salvation, freedom from oppression, transformation, rebirth and humility. Let us open our hearts and ears and listen. We have so much to give, to share and to love.

On behalf of the Village Board of Trustees, the entire staff at Village Hall and our Department of Public Works I wish all our Jewish friends and neighbors a blessed Passover and to all our Christian friends and neighbors a happy and joyful Easter!