It came, it snowed, it conquered! Well, not exactly but the 1st Nor’easter of 2021 did give us some challenges and clean up continues. Always the problem with a large snowfall is what to do with the sheer quantity of god given material – hmmm, snow management? Our Department of Public Works has done a great job in the aftermath of this significant event. To understand their work, consider the long days that start usually with pretreatment and then monitoring roads and plowing as a storm develops. Once the storm ends, drivers continue to move snow and clear streets. With large quantities, the difficulty usually becomes more acute on narrow streets and cul de sacs. After this work is done municipal parking lots and pedestrian right of way areas are cleared. The men usually rest up and regroup to clean up Main St. which is an all-night activity and is detail focused to assure on street parking for the business district. It’s a multi-day and night cleanup and I want to thank our men for their hard and often exhausting work. I hope this gives a snapshot of what is entailed to clean up the Village during and after a snow event. Our men are astute problem solvers and take on each storm event with energy and professionalism and we are proud of them.


Ladies, gentlemen, Warwickians of all ages, Valentine’s Day is on the horizon and I offer this, the Village of Warwick businesses are here to help you decipher the book of love! No need to go any further than local when it comes to finding the perfect way to say, “I love you.” Think cards, flowers, chocolate, jewelry, fashion and accessories, wine, some “Warwick Bucks” and the list goes on – even in the age of COVID, a romantic dinner can be takeout. In downtown Warwick, you will find many ways and many local businesses who can help you find something special for the one you love.


The next Village Board meeting will take place on Tuesday, February 16, 2021, at 7:30 p.m. and will be held through Zoom videoconference and may be viewed live by the public on the Village’s Facebook page