From The Mayor’s Office

With temperatures in the 90’s this past weekend and the thermometer lingering up there, it sure is the marked indicator of Summer. We seek the refuge of cool drinks, air conditioning, a body of water – I remember there were moments sitting in the plastic kid’s pool did the trick!

Everything moves a bit slower when it’s hot but this time it’s a bit different in the Pandemic mix. Except for the temperature, it’s hard to know sometimes what season we’re in. The things that mark our calendar, those public and social events, are no longer activities we can count on. This is a lament and on top of it, it is, “Too Darn Hot!” Thank you, Mr. Porter, for those famous words.

But alas, we are a creative bunch and summer is here in all its glory. Our downtowns are reopening and the outdoor dining in the Village has been a terrific success. We are blessed with the Warwick Drive-in movie theater and a Town Beach; the Appalachian Trail is right in our backyard. Of course, this is ice cream season and whether you visit Bellvale Creamery at the top of Mt. Peter or Dairy Delight in the Village of Florida, this alone can be transporting – a true seasonal treat. I know one thing I look forward to, and it’s free, that is the heady fragrance of fresh mowed lawns and fields being hayed or the deep, rich smell of black dirt. Add to this the taste of the first ear of corn, the first fresh tomato and string beans! The Warwick Farmers Market is in high gear! The list goes on.

So, too hot for now but it won’t last long. There is so much to enjoy in our Village and Valley. Of course, when the sun goes down and a breeze kicks in, it’s very perfect.

Village Hall is a designated cooling center. If you need a reprieve or help, please call us at 986- 2031. Due to social distancing, there is limited seating.