Warwick Skate Park FAQs


Where will the updated Skatepark be located?

The new Warwick Skatepark will be located toward the back of Veterans Memorial Park. Its new location is 1300ft (one quarter mile) from its current location.

Why can’t the park be rebuilt in its current location?

The current location of Warwick Skate Park is in close proximity to the Wawayanda Creek. It is not possible to expand the existing skatepark at its current location due to FEMA flood plain regulations.

Have other locations been looked at for the new Skatepark? The Sports Facility at the old prison site, or the open space at Stanley-Deming Park?

Hudson Sports Complex (at the old prison site) is a privately owned sports facility. The owner, Christan Fuchs, is a professional soccer player and the focus there is mainly training for soccer.

The open space at Stanley-Deming Park is reserved as open recreational spaces. The knoll is our beloved sledding spot in winter and picnic spot during warmer months.

There is a plan for an Arboretum, in memory of Roger Metzger, long time Village Shade Tree Commissioner.

Why is it necessary to build a new Skatepark?

The current Skatepark is wooden and is over twenty years old. It is frequently used. The upgrade to a concrete bowl will guarantee us many years of use with little maintenance. Skateboarding is a sport that spans generations. Now that skateboarding is an Olympic sport, people will continue to enjoy skateboarding for years to come.

Will this new location interfere with the annual carnival and fireworks?

No. The fireworks are set up opposite the new location. Veterans Memorial Park provides more than enough space for the carnival and workers. The new site has never been utilized for the carnival or fireworks set up.

How is the new Skatepark being paid for?
The estimated cost of the new Skatepark is about $300,000. This will be paid for by a fundraising campaign by Warwick Skatepark Initiative. The money will be sourced from private donors, corporate sponsorships and grants.

WSI is currently selling tee shirts, stickers, magnets and personalized brick pavers to raise money for the Skatepark. WSI will host events with the proceeds going towards the Skatepark. Donations in kind are also being offered and accepted. This includes building materials, machinery and professional workers.

Who will maintain the Skatepark?

Village of Warwick Department of Public Works maintains all village properties. This includes things like mowing, leaf removal, painting and simple repairs. Currently, the present skatepark is maintained by VOW DPW and volunteers who paint and keep the space clean.

Will there be bright lights?

There is no plan for lighting at this time. All Village Parks close at dusk. If any future plans include lighting, they must meet the Village Code which strictly enforces dark sky friendly, non-invasive lighting.

Will the Skatepark be open at night?

No, all Village Parks close at dusk.

Will it be noisy?

Skating on smooth concrete and within a concrete bowl is significantly quieter than skating on the current wooden structures.

How will the new Skatepark location impact traffic?

The access road to the new Skatepark location is Memorial Park Drive. There will be clear signage at the entrance of the park. Currently, the Skatepark does not and has not brought in more traffic than any other event held in Veterans Memorial Park.

Isn’t there a plan for a Skatepark in Greenwood Lake?

Yes. Greenwood Lake is currently fundraising for a Skatepark. WSI and Greenwood Lake Skatepark are 100% supportive of each other. We believe that there should be a Skatepark where ever there are sports fields. We believe there should be a Skatepark where ever there are kids.

What about the Veterans?

The Veterans care for and maintain the memorials located at the front of the park, the Village of Warwick cares for and maintains the rest of the park. Warwick Skatepark Initiative, the Village of Warwick, VFW Post 4662 and American Legion Post 214 have met extensively regarding the Skatepark new location.

WSI has the utmost respect for our Veterans. We will continue to work with them and support them.  There is a star in the Warwick Skatepark logo, as a nod to our Veterans and Veterans Memorial Park.