From The Mayor’s Office

On any given week as you look through local newspapers or listen to local radio you will find information on Warwick’s history gleaned by Town Historian, Dr. Richard Hull. It is Dr. Hull’s research and his fascination with Warwick’s history that has served us well as a community. His excitement touches us and deepens our awareness of our roots and the events and people that have formed us through time. We are lucky to have a strong Historical Society but luckier to have a person who emphasizes, frames, reframes the history of our Valley and presents it in a way that is understandable and often thought-provoking. It is for these reasons that on September 10th Dr. Hull was honored with the Franklin D. Roosevelt Local Government Historian Professional Achievement Award. The award honors appointed historians for lifetime achievement in the practice of public history in New York State.

What defines Dr. Hull’s style or approach is energy and candor. He is an explorer, sometimes an academic adventurer but all with the specific intent to find relevant facts that will enlighten us. His program on WTBQ radio,”History Alive” does just that in a format that is akin to storytelling – maybe the oldest way we pass on our history lessons. He is the author of a series of books on local history,“ People of the Valley.” His ongoing lectures for the Warwick Valley Historical Society brings topics to the forefront through a historic lens. It was Dr. Hull’s lectures on Native American settlement in our Valley that brought and elevated the recognition of indigenous people. His studies on health, medicine, and the consequences of epidemics have given us valuable insights as we struggle with the ongoing opioid crisis. During the Village’s recent Sesquicentennial Dr. Hull’s lecture series helped foster a greater understanding of the Village’s history – so important in the context of this milestone and so valuable as we look to the future.

Most importantly, Dr. Hull has made history a seamless part of our daily fabric. It’s because of his efforts that we have a citizenry that is informed and finds delight in discovering the past.  These are the foundation blocks of pride and ownership which I consider an important part of the success of our community.

On behalf of the Village Board of Trustees and residents of the Queen Village, we express our gratitude for your good work and congratulations for an honor so well deserved.