From The Mayor’s Office

One Sock On!

Our dog Hugo is a big shaggy mixed breed who is a consummate guard dog. Very early Wednesday morning his deep baritone bark resounded through our house. My wife and I were still in bed, but I quickly leaped up to see what was the matter – simultaneously the doorbell rang and I could see from the window it was Bruce our electrician. When you have a faulty attic exhaust fan in the heat of summer it’s best-taken care of in the wee hours and thus the early visit.

Hugo doesn’t calm too easily after I answered the door and spoke with the electrician above the loud din of a vigilant dog, I knew it was best to take him outside so the electrician could do his work. A quick walk, new smells, canine relief was enough distraction to calm our beloved beast. When we went inside, I brought him directly to my sons’ room where he could wallow in the delicious odors that only an 18-year-old could conjure. Now the clock was ticking, and I needed to get dressed and out the door. I was rushing- face washed, teeth brushed, hair combed. In the middle of dressing my wife called from the door. “Honey, did you open the attic windows?” Yikes, no! So, I quickly ran up to the attic, of course, a small mountain blocked the window, stuff moved, windows open, electrician conferred with, I trundled downstairs to my wife who readily reminded me the recycling and garbage had to be taken out. By now I was sprinting. All done and not even a lick of caffeine in my system. I jumped into my car, arrived at Village Hall a little late but intact. As I walked across the street, I felt something odd, a bit out of place. As I stood in front of Village Hall I looked down and to my surprise, in all the chaos I’d only gotten one sock on! Both shoes thank God, but one ankle was very naked!

I had a laugh and shared the tale of my morning madness with my staff which I hope lightened the beginning of their day.  We’ve all had days like this- especially if animals, tradesmen, household chores and especially kids are in the mix. Life is full of mishaps, of clothing put on inside out or missing. It’s the humor in our own desire to try to do too much, to think we can do it all. We are often readily reminded in one sublime costume failure how human we are.

I have a beautiful and loving wife, a son who is quickly growing up before my eyes, a dog who protects me and I live in a Village in a Valley that is an extraordinary place. Maybe it took this moment – this missing sock to make me fully realize that I am a very fortunate man.


Warwick Anthology and Movie in the Park

 The Warwick Anthology is a series of 90-second stories told by members of the community that celebrate Warwick life. Organized be Donna Haley the Village’s Poet Dramatist on the patio at the Albert Wisner Public Library Saturday, July 27th 6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

The same evening and not to be missed is the first “Movie in the Park”. The event is in Lewis Park and presented by the Warwick Historical Society. The movie is National Treasure with an intro by Historian, Dr. Richard Hull. The program starts at 7:30 p.m. Bring a chair and a blanket. This is part of the annual George Washington Day Celebration – check out events at