The recent winter storm and frigid minus degree temperatures have been a challenge if not a test for our Department of Public Works. Cleaning up the Business District is an all-night operation and considering the inhospitable cold, it made it even more difficult. Thank you to DPW Supervisor Mike Moser and his men for their excellent work before, during and after this latest storm.

February is one of the shortest months, but it’s packed with events, activities and holidays: Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, Black History Month, the Super Bowl are like shiny objects that lead us through this part of winter. The famous Pennsylvania groundhog has foretold an early Spring and that would be welcome considering the last two Winters that lingered.

The thing I do love about winter is the stark beauty of the landscape and the clear and identifiable proximity to wildlife. On any given morning walk you can hear the sounds of owls reverberate through the woods; or in the middle of the night to be roused by the howling of coyotes, remind me of where we are. I spend much of my time in the “civilized” center of the Village so it’s always reassuring to hear the sounds of nature; although at any given moment the downtown of our Village can have some wild visitors (not just college students home for break) including deer, raccoons, bear and on a warm evening a stirred and conspicuous skunk!

Growing up here I have memories of certain incidents that can only happen in a country town. I remember vividly a horse that escaped its corral and charged down Maple Ave. and an errant herd of bovine that wandered from the McFarland Farm through the Village after a storm. This is the unpredictable part of country life that you can surely count on!

So, friends stay warm, a bit of winter lies ahead. We don’t have a Fortnightly Club, as in days of old, to keep us entertained but we have a wonderful Library and Community Center with plenty of programs and activities to do. Every Thursday at 11:00 am I co-host a radio show on WTBQ 93.5 FM called “Village Life”. The show focuses on the activities and people that make our community a special place. Tune in to catch up on “Village Life”!