Repair Cafe – Nov 17, 2018

When & Where

10:00AM – 2:00PM

Senior Center behind Town Hall 132 King’s Highway Warwick

Limit Two Items Per Person

Contact: or 845-544-1056 facebook page:  Repair Café – Hudson Valley

What’s a Repair Café?


Repair Cafe is a free community meeting place to bring a beloved, but broken item to be repaired.  *For free!  Our “repair coaches” are guys and gals with significant skills who generously volunteer their time for this non-profit project.  It’s open to everyone no matter where they live. It’s about fixing things -– lamps & small electrics, clothing & textiles, soft toys, jewelry, guitars, banjos, bikes, things made of wood, knife & tool sharpening,  — together! Adult-supervised Kids-Take-It-Apart Table – no need to put things back! * We must charge for lamp/bike parts at our costs.

Toss it? No way. Bring your beloved but broken item to the Repair Cafe!


  • To transform our throw-away economy, one beloved item at a time
  • To reduce how much stuff goes into the waste stream
  • To preserve traditional repair know-how & skills, & pass them on
  • To show people who have this knowledge that they are valued
  • To feed curiosity about “how things work,” & have fun!
  • To build community & sustainability