FROM THE MAYOR’S OFFICE – A Gentleman, Alfred R. Lewis

I knew Al Lewis for many years. We were both board members of the Historical Society. During his tenure he headed a committee to rewrite the organizational by-laws which I was part of. When you work with someone on a project as rigorous as that you learn quickly the stuff they’re made of. I found from this experience that Al was a man of integrity, vision, hard working, astute in his observations of life and above all a gentleman.

The art of being a gentleman, like acts of valor and chivalry, are attributes sometimes lost in the shuffle of modern life. Al wore this gift of graciousness like a well loved cap. I attribute this to his ability to listen combined with a dose of human empathy as well his mutual respect for his fellow man. These are in some way the ingredients of this singular and masculine quality that he possessed. We learn from observation, and when we meet someone who is generous and has a kind heart we are thankful for those lessons.

My condolences and love to his family. We have lost someone very special. Al made Warwick his home and by his actions and commitment made it a better place. I am grateful to have known him, to have shared laughter with him and to have learned from him that the care we show each other is a reflection of our sense of community and our place in the world.